Sniffie Showcases & Studies

Here you will find some interesting showcases for using Sniffie to conduct market intelligence and automate monitoring on the Internet. Here we will also have a list of all released Sniffie studies.

Sniffie Study: Helsinki City Bikes

Released in October, 2016.

We plugged Sniffie into Helsinki city bike API and monitored the bike usage for 6 months during the first city bike season. Interesting results were found when analyzing the data. The study will continue during upcoming biking seasons.

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Sniffie Study 2: The Electric Boogaloo!

Released in December, 2016.

A study conducted about Finnish electricity contracts from multiple online sources. Showcases a simple yet effective way to use Sniffie record mode to extract web data from fully dynamic, “hard to extract” data sources.

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Sniffie Study 3: Wining and Dining

To be released in January 2017.

Coming in January 2017