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Monitor closest ecommerce competitors

Easily select what you want to monitor with Sniffie Extension. Safe, fast and easy. Select one data point, many data points or create recorded macros in a second. Follow only things that matter to your ecommerce.

Analyse the pricing data automatically

Analyse competitor pricing, product changes, category sizes, best sellers with Sniffie’s automatic big data analytics. We go through all your data and analyse it for you and you can filter down to the level you feel is important.

Integrate to your favourite software

No matter if you use Tableau, Geckoboard, Qlikview or any other dashboard, we will cover it. Also if you need a data feed to your CRM or ERP you can. Sniffie API offers flexible integration and if needed we’ll offer you a dedicated server for any of the services.

Match your product to closest competitors

Getting competitor prices is one thing, but seeing all matching products in a glimpse is another. That’s what we provide, automatically. Our product match is based on single product match number or id, that is unique for all the competing products. Price match has never been easier with a exctracted data. Try out yourself.

Know immediately when changes happen

Yes, price changes look good on a dashboard, but making money is what you are up to in commerce. That is why we provide you with immediate alarms when something happens. Monitor thousands or product and only get a relevant reports and notifications to your email or SMS.

Get data, any way you like it, from everywhere.

Use our flexible web extension to show Sniffie what you want to retrieve. Parse the data on the browser by category and then just serialise the extraction to other categories. Get thousands of product monitored in a heart beat. From a single data point to extracting data from multiple sources.

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