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Right pricing with right pricing strategy

Sniffie loves to do predictive analytics in pricing. Make more margins by understanding the competitors pricing.


Know what the price should be.

Let’s say you have an online store. You might sell shoes online and you may want to know what your competitors are about with their pricing. Sniffie can draw you a timeline about your competitor pricing and make sure you can follow their price changes daily. It’s super easy, just point out to Sniffie where the pricing can be collected. Once you have done that you will see competitor pricing live on your dashboard.Price point-01Make more marginIncrease sales with predictive analytics. You can do predictive analytics in pricing in no time. Sniffie keeps you up to date with the current market price level. Recognise the price points others are using and get an understanding of the best price level. By monitoring market price changes daily or hourly, you start to build an understanding on why the price point changes. Add other descriptive data to your predictive analytics and you can react to the market before others.Price points-01

Find the right price point with pricing analytics

Do pricing like a professional: find the right price point with clear pricing strategy and build your product or service around it. Pricing is one of the key issues when creating products or services. The right price point will take you far: a wrong one might make your customer turn to your competitors. That’s why it never hurts to know what the best market price point is. Before you might have needed a consultant to spend hours after hours searching websites, calling people and meeting sales directors or CEOs to find the perfect price point. Now you have Sniffie.
Sniffie gives you the possibility to do predictive analytics by yourself. Right pricing strategies are based on good market and price intelligence and a knowledge of competitor prices. When launching a new product or creating a sales strategy for new services you need a right penetration pricing. This is especially important in distribution channels that have perfectly elastic demand or in industries like hotels or airlines where prices might change via complex algorithms.bell curve-01

Do statistical price analysis from everyday data

Sniffie allows you to create a well-balanced price strategies for your sales and marketing strategy by concentrating on the right market pricing instead of cost analysis. Different pricing methods can be accompanied with a thorough research: research that is based on real statistical analysis when the data is collected from right sources. Use the graphical interface to guide Sniffie to the right source of data. Sniffie will start gathering your pricing data and saves it into your personal database.Elastic pricing-01

Create an elastic pricing strategy

Base your product pricing strategies on real market data. Competitive pricing needs actual up-to-date competitor pricing data. If it is on the Internet Sniffie can monitor it. An elastic pricing strategy needs constant market monitoring and a visual dashboard tool that shares changes with you as they occur. Change your prices when it really matters and give yourself more margins and profitability. Start by automating your competitor monitoring and market intelligence. There is no need to collect market data by hand or visualise it in Excel anymore.More reasons to love Sniffie ➔