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Follow things that move markets

Why do forerunners make wise moves? Because they have knowledge before others do. That’s why finding out the right data before your competitors can be vital for your business. Sniffie finds it easy to find the right data.

market reports with Sniffie

Build meaningful reports

Do you wish to get noticed when something important happens in your market place? Perhaps you want to get an email immediately when a competitor reveals a new product or changes pricing strategy? Maybe you wish to get a report on your competitors’ marketing success in no time or have real-time monitoring for market pricing? With Sniffie you can easily collect your desired market data and keep it up to date and fresh. The best part is that you don’t need to know any coding. Just select the data or source with Sniffie and use Sniffie’s premade tools to gather the data you wish and create meaningful market reports.Follow things that matter to your businessGet notified when changes occurGet smart market insights that only you know

Follow your market easily

Market reports often have one fault: they are collected by someone who offers the data to everyone else. This is not the case with Sniffie. With Sniffie you personally choose what are the important aspects you see worth monitoring. Sniffie lets you monitor your competitive environment and choose KPIs that move your business.

Market notifications-01Be first to know market changesGet a notification alert when things happenAct easily on the informationMake decisions immediately when something important happensPush notifications for market reports

Get alerted when something real happens!

By setting up competitor and market alerts you receive market reports and other alerts on the data you want to monitor. Get noticed when something important happens and react immediately to it. Our alerts are simple to set and will inform you at once something important happens.More reasons to love Sniffie ➔