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Mind the data. Do data mining with Sniffie.

With Sniffie you can do relevant data mining from the vast open big data available on the Internet.  Being the first ever select-and-save data mining-tool Sniffie allows you to intuitively pinpoint the data sources that you want to collect.


Click to build your own database

Companies need data and databases for different purposes. Data analytics, sales, marketing, management – you name it. Perhaps most commonly the required data is purchased from external sources. With Sniffie you can build your own database that will include data that other people might be missing or not even know about. This data could contain market gaps, opportunities or risks that you want to notice and take into account. This database could also help you with lead generation with criteria only your company considers important. Sniffie collects the data that you want and therefore gives you the opportunity to be a true analytics ninja.Database-01

Simple database management

We at Sniffie take good care of your data. Yes, your heard it right: everything collected with Sniffie is your personal data and you are in the control. We just manage your databases, and as long as you are using Sniffie your data will be hosted at our servers. If for some weird reason you wish to quit using our services, you can easily export your data to your computer and use it as you wish. All connections between your computer and Sniffie are are always secured with SSL technology, ensuring that your data cannot be snooped by unauthorised third parties. Database management is therefore very easy.Graphical interface-01

Do big data analytics and data mining with a graphical user interface

Easy-to-use should be a norm in any business. With Sniffie you just point out what you want to monitor and Sniffie collects this data for your and draws graphs to your dashboard. You can also share these internally with your team. There is no longer a need to use Excel graphs to get the big picture.From Sniffie to Excel

Use data with other analytics

You can easily export your Sniffie data into your desktop or straight to other systems. Just click the report you wish to export and you have all your data on a given subject ready to be used with other analytics software. Perhaps you want to see how well your sales correlate with future growth? Perhaps you want to see how an investment into content marketing could bring ROI to your current marketing budget? Maybe you want to analyse the pricing strategy for different market segments and products? Just run the report and you will have the data at your fingertips in no time.Sniffie has different data mining techniquesSniffie offers you ready made tools for data mining with which you can collect vast amounts of data from any given website on the Internet. Sniffie was built with a focus on noticing changes in the data: you can get instant notifications to your activity feed or email with changes based on your criteria. Hard-to-reach data is also obtainable with Sniffie: in general, any data that you have personally access to can be monitored by yourself with Sniffie.
Our advanced machine learning algorithms combined with the simple ways anyone can use Sniffie to gather and extract data from different sources is what makes Sniffie unique: that is why Sniffie will be changing data mining and big data for good.More reasons to love Sniffie ➔