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Create business intelligence dashboards

Sometimes it helps to visualise what happens in your company and in the market place.


Combine data easily

Do you wish to monitor what is happening in the market place and compare it against your internal data? Just put Sniffie to work and add the right data to your dashboard and you are ready to go. Use the drag and drop user interface to set up your dashboard in no time. Never lose the sight of your competitors again. You can share your dashboard with your team or put it up on a public screen for the whole company to see. You’ll make sure the information gets across your organisation in no time and that your market intelligence information can be put into practice in no time.PGJyPjxicj4NCg==Busines intelligence-01

Effective business intelligence software

In order to get real-time competitive data you need a data mining tool that is easy to use, such as Sniffie. With Sniffie you can collect data from sources you select and combine it to your internal business intelligence data. You can import your data and use Sniffie’s dashboards to visualise the data to make business decisions.Effective machine-01

Business intelligence with real-time competitive data

To get effective business intelligence you need both market intelligence data and internal business intelligence data. Sniffie offers you just that. Business intelligence data can be imported from different ERP, CRM, and other systems or integrated into these via the Sniffie APIs.More reasons to love Sniffie ➔PGJyPjxicj4NCg==