Sniffie plans and pricing

Open beta coming in Q2/2017. Apply now for closed beta here.


  • Normal sniffs (no records)
  • up to 100 products monitored
  • 5 active URLs
  • Monthly requests 15K
  • Frequency up to once in 24 hours
  • Automatic product matching


  • Normal sniffs (no records)
  • up to 1000 products monitored
  • 50 active URLs
  • Monthly requests 1M
  • Frequency up to once in 24 hours
  • Automatic product matching


  • All sniff modes
  • up to 6000 products monitored
  • 500 active URLs
  • Monthly requests 5M
  • Frequency up to every 6 hours
  • Automatic product matching


  • All sniff modes
  • up to 15000 products monitored
  • 1000 active URLs
  • Monthly requests 10M
  • Frequency up to every 4 hours
  • Automatic product matching


  • All sniff modes
  • unlimited products monitored
  • unlimited active URLs*
  • Customizable quota
  • Frequency up to every 15 minutes
  • Automatic and supported product matching

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If you’re unsure whether Sniffie is for you can start for free and continue on that path. You’ll be able to use Sniffie for free with limited features and upgrade later. You can upgrade to paid plan whenever you wish and downgrade as well. Certain features can be subscribed to separately. It’s as easy as it should be with every service. If you are still not happy, we’ll give you a money back guarantee. 

* = Customizable to your needs

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