Introducing Friends of Sniffie Programme

Bot traffic can cause you worry as a website owner or a server admin. We get that. That’s why we want to make traffic generated by Sniffie even more friendly for you as a website owner, and help you to get rid of bad bots. This is why we are introducing Friends of Sniffie Programme. Gain awesome perks participating in the program!

How it works

  • Purchase a monthly Sniffie subscription with email associated with your website
  • Sign up to Friends of Sniffie Programme using your Sniffie account
  • Complete the automatic website ownership verification process
  • That’s it!
Friends of Sniffie Thumbs up

Benefit 1: Identifiable traffic to your site

  • No longer will you worry if someone is using Sniffie to monitor your website.
  • All requests from the Sniffie platform use an identifiable user agent “sniffie” from one of the publicly listed Friends of Sniffie IP addresses.
  • Maximum frequency for Sniffie to monitor you site is capped at once every 6 hours – regardless if someone wants to monitor your site’s URLs with e.g. a 15min interval.
  • If you want to monitor your personal site with more frequent intervals than 6 hours, you are personally allowed to do that.

Benefit 2: Gain more Sniffie quota

  • Any sniffs you make on your site participating in the programme will not count towards Sniffie quotas. This practice is very common for our customers to enable automatic product matching.
  • Participating in the program allows you to gain 20% additional active URL quota.
  • You’ll also get 20% additional monthly sniff quota.
  • No hidden fees!
The period of this Sniffie study was initially 6 months.
Sniffie's bot blocker makes sure that no bad bots can access it.

Benefit 3: Free download of Sniffie’s sophisticated bot blocker

  • That’s right. We’ll provide you with Sniffie’s internal bot blocker for use free-of-charge. For life.
  • Our blocker helps you to mitigate “bad bot” behavior on your site
  • Eliminates denial-of-service (DoS) attacks efficiently
  • Customer installations are possible starting in 2017.

Pre-release available in February 2017

Full release of the program will coincide with Sniffie’s open beta launch (by Q2/2017). Sniffie’s free bot blocker installations are available starting later in 2017. Perhaps you want to participate already today? Just leave a closed beta request below! If you already have a paid subscription, just send a support request to Sniffie’s support team to get started right away.

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