Extract data from the web with Sniffie

Do you need data from the web? If so, Sniffie is the right tool for you. Sniffie is the only web data extractor that can extract the desired data for you, automatically analyze and visualize that extracted data and even provide integration options for different ERP systems and business intelligence software. If you are still considering why you should choose Sniffie, read more to see why it’s miles better to extract data from the web with Sniffie than any other option.

Sniffie is available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Chromium browsers

Sniffie is available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Chromium browsers

Why Sniffie is the superior web data extractor

  • No programming skills required. Sniffie’s revolutionary select-and-save interface allows anybody to become a master in web data extraction.
  • Sniffie works with every web page that you personally have access to.
  • Sniffie simulates a true human on the Internet and thus doesn’t get detected by bot blockers
  • Sniffie is fast, easy and reliable. The setup per website takes only seconds. You won’t miss any change when they happen!
  • Sniffie can visualize all that extracted data for you. You can look for patterns and find opportunities by analyzing how the data changes over time.
  • Sniffie provides automatic analysis for the extracted web data. You can enhance Sniffie’s analytics capabilities with custom filters for all your extracted web data.
  • Sniffie allows you to schedule your web data extraction. If you need something to be monitored daily, you just tell Sniffie that.
  • Sniffie can easily extract data from “hard-to-extract” web pages such as fully dynamic websites. Sniffie works with every website and supports all languages.

The only web data extractor with truly full customization

Sometimes you need some data to be fetched hourly, sometimes every three months. With Sniffie, you can just select how often the data should be monitored .

Sometimes you just want a single data point from a websites, but many times you want everything related to certain items with one simple click. Sniffie provides you options for selecting either individual or multiple data points and any data format. Need pictures? No worries, Sniffie will get them for you. Need link URLs in a nested elements? Again, easily done with Sniffie by the click of the button. Never before have you had so much control over what data you can extract.

Sniffie’s select-and-save method allows you to easily select whatever data you want from any website. Sniffie does not try guess what you want from a web page like some other services that extract data from the web for you. Sniffie extracts only the data that you want and specify in seconds. Every time. We use machine learning to help you automate your web data extraction in a way that makes sense. The more you extract web data with Sniffie, the better Sniffie becomes in extracting web data just for you.

Extract web data with Sniffie's simple and powerful tool.

Extract web data from any website to a table with Sniffie’s simple and powerful browser extension!

Extract any data from the web with the help of Sniffie’s record mode

Sniffie works on every website. No need to open any complicated software or login to external services. You simply navigate to the page as you normally would and then start Sniffie and begin your selections and saving.

Is your desired data hidden behind a login authentication? No worries, just start Sniffie’s record mode and login to the service as you normally would. Afterwards, select-and-save the data as you normally would. Perhaps the getting to the data requires some other manipulative actions? Again, just start Sniffie’s record mode and do the manipulations as you normally would. It’s as simple as that. Your recording is sent to Sniffie when you save your sniff and allows Sniffie to retrace your steps to get to the desired data.

All recordings are encrypted with AES before saving and *no* human has access to the decryption key, so you know your records are safe.

Extracted web data is no good unless you put it to action

We at Sniffie understand the value of transferring raw data to information, knowledge and actions. Thus Sniffie automatically analyzes the data you gather. You get automatically basic statistics out of your data (such as median, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation values in your multi-point sniffs). Sniffie provides you with e.g. automatic word counts in you data sets, which allow you to quickly glance over what currently moves the market. No need to use external software to process the most commonly used information anymore, as Sniffie can provide that for you. Of course, Sniffie provides you the option should you really want to.

Whether you extract data from the web in small or large quantities, basic data analysis may not be enough to put your data into action. You need to transmit the data to your team in an easily understandable format. Thus Sniffie provides you with visualizations to your data that you can easily share with your team. Your data is categorized automatically in Sniffie analytics that help you transfer web data extraction to actionable insight. Create accounts for your team members to securely share the insights with your team. Sniffie’s analytics and visualizations have been built with the information value as the focus: we don’t really like software that is only eye-candy and not really information and knowledge.

Sniffie's database view allows you to quickly reschedule, reactivate or edit your extractions in bulk!

Sniffie’s database view allows you to quickly reschedule, reactivate or edit your extractions in bulk!

Integrate the extracted web data to your everyday systems

That’s right. Sniffie provides automatic integration options to many ERP systems and most commonly used business intelligence software such as Excel, Tableau and Qlik. Sniffie provides a handy API that allows you to import the data in HTML, JSON or CSV formats to anywhere that you want to use the extracted web data.

Open beta coming by Q2/2017

Our software is currently in closed beta, with an open beta coming by Q2/2017. Want to try Sniffie out today? Just apply to our closed beta by clicking the button below. Join our newsletter if you want to know when Sniffie’s open beta starts.

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