We believe that finding it easy should be the norm

Complex software makes people cranky. We wish to change that with Sniffie. Why use poor software and spend time on unnecessary tasks. It’s not either wise or nice to buy excessive amounts of data and start analysing it, if the only thing you need to monitor is your local competition. That’s why we believe small data is beautiful.

At Sniffie we want to help all companies make better decisions and better business. We want you to find things easy and fast. Sniffie – Finding it easy.

Sniffie Team

Sniffie team from the left Tuomas Uutela, Tomi Grönfors, Fredrik Hollsten, Niko Naakka

Sniffie team

Tomi Grönfors
Tomi GrönforsCEO
Tomi is an experienced entrepreneur, passionate marketing and sales guy. He loves products and services that make a complex world simple. He is a loving family man, husband and a team member. Active grappler and martial artist.
Tuomas Uutela
Tuomas UutelaCOO
Tuomas is a flying software developer who spends his free time up in the air. Feels right at home when solving problems with software.
Niko Naakka
Niko NaakkaChief Architect
An engineer with an interest in automation, healthcare and mathematics. A strong believer in the idea that any data can be useful as long as it reaches the right person.
Fredrik Hollsten
Fredrik HollstenHead of UX
Fredrik is our beloved UX guru.


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