Price monitoring for retail and ecommerce

Need to monitor competitor pricing in real time? React when price change happens? Maybe to get an insight into price volatility, category changes or competitor aggressiveness?  If you think that price monitoring is hard and labour intensive, do try our service and suprise yourself. We know, pricing in retail and ecommerce is dynamic and that’s why we are here. Bu having Sniffie you fight with the best, with equal price monitoring tools.

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Dynamic pricing

Monitoring competitors easily should be the norm

(Six simple reasons to use Sniffie)

  • Monitor and analyse competitor pricing easily on every level

    Use Sniffie to monitor competitor prices, pricing strategy, look for valuable gaps in the market and scan possible signals for growth.

  • Understand when and why things happen

    While you monitor the market you also create a database that you can use for future estimations. Find information that correlates with your success and use it for your benefit.

  • Find it easy to find it yourself

    Get rid of complex softwares that rely on gathered data. Show Sniffie what you want to find, select it yourself and save it. From product rating to price, even pictures included.

  • Get a notification when something important happens

    Ensure that critical market changes are noticed. Sniffie can notify you immediately when your competitor changes pricing, runs out of stock, introduces new products or services, or changes key personnel.

  • Integrate into your current systems

    We offer MySql integrations straight to CRM and ERP systems. Also to common analytics software such MS Excel, Google Sheets and Tableau. Just create an API link with a few clicks and you are ready to import your data into your preferred software.

  • Share the market information with your team

    Information and analytics are valuable only when put to practice. That’s why we built Sniffie so that you could share your market insights easily with your team using our fully customizable dashboards.

Do you need to follow and react on competitor pricing?

(And if you do, would you benefit from knowing things before others do?)

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Your beloved price monitoring tool

Sniffie is your personal online market intelligence tool for monitoring competitor prices, stock values, best sellers etc. Sniffie operates in the cloud and gathers, processes and visualizes competitor data that you have selected and created. Be always ahead of your competitors by knowing what the market is doing.

Select and save

Yes, it’s that easy. Just point out to Sniffie what prices or other data you want to monitor and it collects and processes the data for you.

Automate your monitoring easily

Choose the price you want to monitor and automate as many price points as you wish with our tools. You can easily create macros and serialize your monitoring needs with a few simple clicks.  When you know what to monitor, Sniffie knows how to monitor it the easy way.

Price analytics

Analyse the pricing data easily

Sniffie provides you automatic big data pricing analytics, that you can easily filter down to individual products. Use simple, yet effective tagging, filtering and analytics to get an understanding on how your market is performing. Create ABC-product groups that help you to get an deeper understanding of your market situation and pricing possibilities.

Importing data from Sniffie

Import and export your data at will

You can extract and import data from any website for your own database. If you need the data to be sent to your systems just export the data from Sniffie anywhere anytime. All your connections to Sniffie are secured with current encryption standards, so your data remains private. Sniffie also provides an API for you to get the collected data into your preferred system such as MS Excel.

Category price analyzer


Monitor and analyse price changes live

Sniffie uses automatic analytics for visualising market intelligence data such as price changes, stock levels, availability, ratings, category changes etc. Make decisions based on simple, yet effective graphics that you can filter or get reports sent to your email. Sniffie analytics can be shared to the whole team. Unveil the competitor pricing strategy with automated competitor monitoring.